About the author

Deb Gray is a marketing professional and a massive fan of dogs. All dogs – any type or breed – but tiny dogs are her favourite. She’s parented and loved dozens over the years, including Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Golden Retrievers and Labs. Deb’s the person at the party who ends up on the floor with all the dogs and kids.



When Deb looked online a couple of years ago to research the best food for her latest buddy, Tinkerbell the Yorkshire Terrier, she was shocked. Shocked and disgusted to learn what’s REALLY in commercial dog food and how we consumers are tricked into believing big brands and their empty claims.

And fed up with all the B.S. information about feeding and caring for your dog!

That information prompted her to pull together more research on the state of pet food. The result – ebooks on feeding your small dog, grooming, health and training and a number of other topics.

In her books and blogs, Deb researches and writes as an informed consumer. Deb is NOT a Veterinarian, and not trained in pet care. But she has made it her mission to deliver fair, informed information about raising happy, healthy dogs. Her advice is straightforward – from one dog lover, to another.

Check out Deb’s helpful blog posts at www.AboutMorkies.com – you’ll find lots of help for all dogs not just Morkies.

Or drop her a line with any questions or comments.






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