Groom Your Morkie at Home: Keep His Coat Long & Luxurious in Just Minutes a Day

Why settle for a puppy cut?

Instead, enjoy your Morkie’s exceptionally beautiful coat, a combination of colours from the parents, the Maltese dog and the Yorkshire Terrier.

By persevering with your Morkie for just a few minutes every day, you can easily groom him yourself, and keep his hair long, flowing and luxurious. 

Groom Your Morkie at Home takes you through the steps you need to know.

Plus you’ll learn:

  • the truth about shampoos
  • how to clean your Morkie’s ears and under his eyes
  • how to brush your dog’s teeth
  • what equipment you need for grooming at home
  • removing mats and tangles
  • how to do the top knot …and lots more

Downloadable e-book; complete with illustrations.


Easy to read style

You’ll enjoy the author’s trademark easy-to-read style and insight. Deb is not a Veterinarian, and she is not specially trained in animal care. But she is a dedicated and life-long animal lover with a special love for dogs.

“I got some good ideas on making my own shampoo that will be safe for my dogs.”

She’s taken her natural writing and research skills shaped during her career, and applied them to sharing unbiased, open and honest information with other dog lovers, just like you.

Order this book today, and you’ll never have to see another puppy cut!

In just minutes a day, you can Groom Your Morkie At Home, and Keep His Coat Long & Luxurious!


Groom Your Morkie at Home: Keep his coat long and luxurious in just minutes a day
By small dog expert Deb Gray
Published by Letter 27 Communications Business Inc.
March, 2016
© All rights reserved.
ISBN 978-0-9879996-9-6
115 pages