Raise & Train Happy Dogs: 50 Checklists for Great Dogs

Everybody wants a happy, healthy dog!

Everything’s here, from 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get a Dog, to what kind of pet you should consider. From the nuts and bolts of owning a dog, to 10 Things Your Dog Would Tell You If He Could, this book covers a lot of ground:

  • Getting a dog – this section includes an up-to-the-minute New Puppy Checklist; 8 Warning Signs You’re Buying from a Puppy Mill; and the 12 Golden Rules of Dog Ownership.
  • The top tens – includes lists like the 10 Dogs Ideal for Families; 10 Small Dogs That Don’t Shed; the 10 Smartest Dog Breeds and more
  • Training and behaviour – this section covers off socializing, potty training mistakes we owners make, and 4 Types of Barking and How to Quiet Them, among other topics.
  • In Health & Safety, read about 15 Ways to Help Your Dog Live Longer, 11 Steps to Help Prevent Canine Cancer, 6 Things You Should NEVER Buy at the Dollar Store, and more.
  • Food & Treats – captures the 10 Worst Commercial Foods for Your Dog (brands are named!), 12 Things You Don’t Want to See on a Dog Food Label, 5 Myths About Making Your Dog’s Food, plus more.
  • The Grooming section features 3 handy checklists, including 5 Great Reasons to Groom Your Dog Yourself.
  • In the final section, Roundup – read about 100 Things to do with Your Dog; Top 20 Toys for Dogs; 7 Tips for a Great Pet Photo and some other fun topics.

These concise, precise checklists – 50 in all – are bursting with helpful information, advice and insight about getting and raising a happy, healthy dog.

Easy to Read

Written by small dog expert Deb Gray, this book is written for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds. You’ll enjoy the author’s trademark easy-to-read style and insight.

Deb is not a Veterinarian, and she is not specially trained in animal care. But she is a dedicated and life-long animal lover with a special love for dogs.

She’s taken her natural writing and research skills shaped during her career, and applied them to sharing unbiased, open and honest information with other dog lovers, just like you.

Get right to the point with short but highly useful advice in list format — all shaped to help you raise, train and enjoy a happy dog. Order your copy today.


“This book offers you the kind of helpful tips and information that you need to raise a happy, healthy canine companion.”

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Raise & Train Happy Dogs: 50 Checklists for Great Dogs

By small dog expert Deb Gray
Published by Shamrock Books
March, 2017
© All rights reserved.
ISBN 978-1-988290-12-6
186 pages