Small Dogs That Don’t Shed: Yorkie, Morkie, Maltese

Are you looking for a small dog that doesn’t shed?  How about one of the most popular breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier? Or one of the most glamorous – the Maltese dog?

Or maybe an adorable Morkie, half Yorkshire Terrier and half Maltese dog.

“Yorkies and Maltese may look quite similar, but they are very different dogs. Their cross – the Morkie – isn’t always a 50/50 combination.”
Deb Gray

Yorkies are feisty little terriers, and Maltese are very loving lapdogs. Both have gorgeous long coats that are hair, not fur like most dogs. So these breeds are great for people with allergies because they  are low-shedding.

The Maltese dog has been a favourite pet for centuries and centuries. Aristotle owned one! But the Yorkie is a modern breed, developed in  the mid-1800s to chase down rats in English textile mills. So it’s no surprise that these dogs have different characteristics and personalities. And what about the Morkie?

“You really need to understand the parent dogs before you get a Morkie.”


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Small Dogs That Don’t Shed: Yorkie, Morkie and Maltese

By small dog expert Deb Gray
Published by Letter 27 Communications Business Inc.
Revised 2016
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ISBN 978-1-988290-17-1
110 pages