The Ugly Truth About Vaccinations and Your Small Dog

At last – the plain truth about how vaccinations — too many, too soon, too often — impact the health of your small dog.

Now, in an instant-download, e-book. Get informed and keep your small dog safe!


In this easy-to-read book, you’ll read about the core vaccines recommended for your dog including rabies, distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus. And you’ll read more about the so-called non-core vaccinations.  Your eyes will be opened!

For example – why are Vets recommending non-core vaccinations for our small dogs?

All vaccinations carry some degree of risk. Small dogs are at even more risk.  So why do Vets recommend vaccinations even their Association says, small dogs don’t need??

These include leptospirosis or “lepto,” Bordatello (kennel cough), lyme disease, canine parainfluenza (dog flu), corona (Canine coronoavirus) and some others.

“The answers are disturbing and underline the fact that today, more than ever, we must be proactive guardians of our pet’s health. You can’t just take your Vet’s word for it, or what you read online.”



we vaccinate pets with too many vaccinations, too soon and too often

This book is divided into 5 important sections:

  • Introduction: the problem with vaccinations
  • Core and non-Core Vaccinations
  • Making sense of it all: what shots and when?
  • What’s right for your dog?
  • Appendix – More Resources

Plus, you’ll find printable checklists to help you navigate the confusing world of canine vaccinations.

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The Ugly Truth About Vaccinations and Your Small Dog
By small dog expert Deb Gray
Published by Letter 27 Communications Business Inc.
Revised 2016
© All rights reserved.
ISBN 978-1-988290-14-0
81 pages