Ticks on Dogs: Small Dog Nightmare

Ticks are bad news for anyone, but they are super dangerous for small dogs.

As bad as ticks are… there’s something worse:

tick & flea prevention repellants!

The insecticides in these products are so poisonous that they could KILL your small dog.

And the hardest hit – dogs under 20 pounds. 

Ticks are hard to treat and control. They have the tenacity of cockroaches. Some types can live for two years without a meal.

They can hang on a small branch or stem for up to six months, waiting for a victim to walk by. Then they latch on and start their “blood fest.

“Who knew that the products sold to prevent tick bites, are WORSE for small dogs, than the tick bites!”

Small dogs are an easy target because they’re low to the ground. Ticks bite the victim, or ‘host,’ then burrow their heads deep under the skin. A barbed feeding tube syphons off the host’s blood.

As they gorge, ticks expand to up to 100 times their original size, filling themselves with blood. A tick that starts out the size of a poppy seed can blow up to the size of a freakish grape after feeding on blood.

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These nasty little creatures carry at least 15 common diseases, including Rocky Mountain fever, Lyme Disease and others so serious the victim can die! They also carry countless other infectious bacteria.



Want to protect your small dog from ticks without the toxic poisons of commercial treatments?

Ticks on Dogs; Small Dog Nightmare features a sensible 3-part strategy to protect your small dog, without exposing him to highly toxic commercial repellants. Order it today, and end the nightmare of ticks on small dogs.


Read about a smart, 3-part strategy to protect your small dog from the nightmare of ticks – without exposing him to the highly toxic, and poisonous commercial repellants. 

Ticks on Dogs: Small Dog Nightmare

By small dog expert Deb Gray
Published by Letter 27 Communications Business Inc.
September, 2016
© All rights reserved.
ISBN 978-1-988290-00-3
94 pages